Head of the Chair: Lusine HARUTYUNYAN, Doctor of Sciences in Philology, Professor

The Chair of Languages of Armenian State University of Economics was formed in July, 2014, as a result of the reformation of the Chairs of Foreign Languages and Armenian and Russian Languages.

The educational policy of ASUE Chair of Languages proceeds from the current requirements set by the specialists from different economic spheres. With the development of international market relations, the scientific and technological progress, and the large-scale processes of globalization, the Chair of Languages has set an educational goal to train competitive specialists with profound knowledge of foreign languages for special purposes.

The Chair develops educational programs aimed at serving the professional purposes of teaching foreign languages, and consistently updates foreign language teaching methods (for example, EAP - English for Academic Purposes, ESP - English for Special Purposes) which prove to be effective and worldwide popular approaches to teaching foreign languages.

The practical purpose of teaching a foreign language for special purposes is to establish a communicative basis, i.e. to enable students to express their opininon in a foreign language on relevant topics in different professional situations. This teaching process aims to develop students' foreign language skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing.

With the introduction of a three-level system of education in Armenia, the Chair has developed new curricula providing comprehensive study of foreign languages for special purposes in Bachelor's and Master's degree programs. The materials of these curricula have served as a basis for the publication of textbooks, manuals, reference books, methodological guides and other additional materials.

English language related activities are also carried out within the scope of English Club initiated by the Chair of languages which extends students an opportunity to get involved in the process of learning to the best by speaking up about their concerns, participating in discussions on various issues, making reports, and organizing presentations.

Staff of the Chair

  1. Harutyunyan Lusine Armeni – Head of the Chair, Doctor of Sciences in Philology, Professor
  2. Chalabyan Susanna Avetiki – PhD in Philology, Associate Professor
  3. Grigoryan Armine Razmiki – PhD in Philology, Associate Professor
  4. Khachatryan Anush Samveli – PhD in Philology, Associate Professor
  5. Yervandyan Zukhra Armenaki – PhD in Philology, Associate Professor
  6. Sargsyan Ruzanna Rubeni – PhD in Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor
  7. Mkrtchyan Alla Yepremi – PhD in Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor
  8. Hayrapetyan Arevik Shmavoni - PhD in Philology, Senior Lecturer
  9. Hovhannisyan Gayane Hakobi - PhD in Philology, Lecturer
  10. Gharslyan Anna Rubeni – PhD in Philology, Lecturer
  11. Mkhitaryan Irina Sergeyi - PhD in Philology, Associate Professor
  12. Arakelyan Ruzanna Spartaki – Associate Professor
  13. Khostikyan Ruzanna Vazgeni – Senior Lecturer
  14. Ter-Sargsyan Lyusya Khoreni – Senior Lecturer
  15. Shahinyan Anahit Ararati - Assistant
  16. Ghazaryan Lilit Levoni - Assistant
  17. Torgomyan Kristina Melsi - Assistant
  18. Avdalyan Lilit Garegini - Assistant
  19. Midoyan Zhanna Ararati - Assistant
  20. Sargsyan Christine Ashoti - Assistant
  21. Baghramyan Ruzanna Eduardi – Assistant
  22. Tabaghyan Sona Vardani - Assistant
  23. Abgaryan Izabella Vacheyi - Assistant
  24. Hakobyan Lilit Razmiki – Assistant
  25. Yerkanyan Anna Yeremi - Assistant
  26. Tonoyan Lida Roberti – Senior Lecturer
  27. Grigoryan Marine Grigori - Assistant
  28. Gasparyan Armine Vladimiri - Assistant
  29. Nanyan Susanna Eduardi – Assistant
  30. Hovhannisyan Diana Roberti - Assistant
  31. Abgaryan Meri Arayiki - Assistant
  32. Shahinyan Grigor Karapeti - Assistant
  33. Ghazaryan Hasmik Artsrunu - Assistant
  34. Hovhannisyan Robert Arami - Lecturer
  35. Ghonyan Meline Sargsi - Lecturer
  36. Saratikyan Lusine Spartaki – Senior Lab Assistant

Address: Chair of Foreign Languages, ASUE, Nalbandyan 128, Yerevan, 0025, Armenia
Tel: (+37410) 593-436