Our Achievements

Specialties, science development, international relations
• Bologna three-cycle system
• 6 Departments
• Duration of the study:
full-time Bachelor’s degree-4 years
part-time Bachelor’s degree-5 years
full-time Master’s degree-2 years
part-time Master’s degree-2.5 years
• Issuer Chairs-18
• Chairs of Humanities and Natural Sciences and Physical Training -5
Several dozen specializations and educational programs
• Number of students: around 6000
• AMBERD Research Center
• Participation in international programs-Tempus, Erasmus
• Cooperation with government agencies
• Gyumri and Yeghegnadzor branches
• Education of foreign entrants
• Quality assurance system
• Interuniversity scientific grant programs
• Public relations, cooperation with mass media
• ASUE official website (asue.am), Facebook page, periodicals
• ASUE Brandbook: logo, slogan, flag
• Library, student and scientific reading halls, book fund - 187,000 units, 433 fully digitized books
• E-library, QR library, “Smart Walls”
• 4 gyms, rifle range
• Comfortable and beautiful yard, amphitheater, Wi Fi
• High-quality cooking buffet
• TNTESAGET student dormitory
• Center for international programs (sessions, discussions, resting halls, auditoriums)
• TNTESAGET sport-health resort in Dilijan
• Information technology, technical equipment, internet connection
• ASUE Financial and Economic College