Faculty of Finance

The Faculty of Finance carries out "Finance (by sectors)" full-time and part-time bachelor’s degree programs: full-time bachelor's degree program - 4 years, part-time bachelor's degree program- 5 years, and a bachelor's degree in economics is awarded at the end of the studies.

In full-time master’s degree program of the Faculty of Finance, specialists get the qualification of a master of economics and the duration of studies is 1.5 years. Study programs are as follows:

  • Public Finance: evening courses (duration 1.5 years),
  • Corporate finance: evening courses (duration 1.5 years),
  • Securities market analysis and management: evening courses (duration 1.5 years),
  • Organization of banking operations: evening courses (duration 1.5 years),
  • Customs administration: evening courses (duration 1.5 years).

The faculty also has part-time master's degree program "Organization of banking operations" and qualification of a master of economics is awarded upon its completion.

Faculty Dean Vahe Mikayelyan
Tigran Manukyan

Charter of the Faculty of Finance

Chairs of the Faculty of Finance:

Address: Faculty of Finance, ASUE, Nalbandyan str., 128, 0025, Yerevan, Armenia
(+37410) 593-466