Faculty of Management

The Faculty of Management of the Armenian State University of Economics was established in 1979 on the basis of the Faculty of Branch Economics. It was initially called Labor Economics and Organization and later became Faculty of Management as a result of the transfer of the specialty International Economic Relations to the Faculty of Economic Regulation and International Economic Relations. The courses at the Faculty of Management are full-time and part-time. Duration of studies of full-time Bachelor’s degree program is 4 years and full-time Master’s degree program- 2, 1.5 and 1 year, part-time Bachelor’s degree program is 5 and part-time Master’s degree program- 2 years. Full-time and part-time bachelor's degree program prepares specialists in management and service, namely:

  • Management (its sectors)
  • Service

Full-time master's degree program prepares specialists and awards them master's degree in management, namely:

  1. Human resources management: evening courses (duration 1.5 years)
  2. Business administration (management): evening courses (duration 1.5 years)
  3. Project management: day courses (duration 2 years)
  4. Public Management: evening courses (duration 1.5 years)
  5. Health Management and Administration: evening courses (duration 1 year)
  6. IT in Business: evening courses (duration 1.5 years)
  7. Management information: day courses (duration 2 years)

The "Business Administration (Management)" degree program is a part-time master's degree program that awards a master's degree in management upon completion.

Faculty Dean: Manuk MOVSISYAN

Statute of the Faculty of Management (Armenian version)

Chairs of the Faculty of Management

Address: 128 Nalbandyan street, Yerevan, 0025, Armenia, Armenian State University of Economics, Faculty of Management
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