Post-Graduate Courses both full time and by correspondence are carried out at ASUE. Full time course covers a three year period while correspondence courses last four years.

Based on the RA Minister of Education and Science Decree 740-N dated September 15, 2006 (available in Armenian) a new rule for post-graduate study is adopted. According to this Decree, applicants must take examinations in their major specialties, submit a Certificate of passing a Foreign Language Test (English - IBT; French - TCF; German - TestDaF); and a computer literacy Certificate.

According to this resolution the applicant is supposed to take exams in Informatics and Foreign languages, a test in computer course (on the basis of different tests and grading) The English language exam is estimated on the basis of TOEFL (pass mark).The French and German languages– ‘Test Daf “ and “TCF”.

After passing tests in a Foreign Language, Informatics and Basics of Computer Literacy, the results are to be submitted to the selection committee of the organizations. The selection committee of the organization gives the permission to the candidate entering the post-graduate courses to pass the specialty exam, which includes the positive marks from the differentiated tests in Foreign Language, Informatics and Basics of Computer Literacy as well as the presented scientific paper (minimum 20 printed pages, in the case of the lack of statements of published papers, inventions, discoveries and research), in case of the positive written critique of the specialty chair. Applicants who get “satisfactory” marks in specialty exams, are deprived of the right to enter post-graduate studies (from 8 to 12 grades according to 20 grade system, 3 grades according to 5 grade system).

To conduct the admission to the post-graduate studies, the selection committee is organized by the Rector of the University who, according to the results of entering exams and competition, makes a decision about each applicant.

As execution of the Order N1167 (available in Armenian) referring to “Implementation of Credit Transfer System in the Third Degree of the RA Higher and Post-University Professional Education” made on July 12, 2010, by the RA Minister of Education and Science, since the academic year 2010-2011 Credit System according to Researcher’s educational programme has been implemented both in full-time and correspondence courses of the Post-graduate Programme and Researcher’s Programme.

Specialties:1. General Economics Ը.00.012. Economics and Management of Economy and its sphere Ը.00.023. Finance, Accounting Ը.00.034. International Economics Ը.00.065. Mathematical Economics Ը.00.08