The  museum,  situated  in the foyer of  central  building of  Armenian State  University  of  Economics, validates  the  University history, which has been   opened  in 2004  and  is  newly  presented in September, 2014. Four windows  are named “We  are  Changing”, “New  Way  for Development”, “Our  Rectors”, “Student  Council” and  involves photos,  documents,  souvenirs and  cups .

The exhibition involves photos  of  ASUE  Rector,  as well as  interesting information on the episodes  of  the  University  and  other  materials. Scientific  and  educational-methodological  publications  of  various years,   University  press:  “Tntesaget”  magazine  and  “Messenger of  ASUE”  scientific  magazine,  are  shown.

Student activities, sport achievements,  the  awards,  diplomas  given to the  University  are   also  presented.

This short but informative reference  to  University past  and  present  is  regularly updated:  continuously reflecting the significant achievements of the University.

The museum, situated in the foyer of central  building of Armenian State University of Economics, validates the University history, which has been opened in 2004.