ASUE will be responsible for the following activities in the frames of eDrone project:

  • ASUE will contribute to the definition of the state of the art on last generation technologies for drones and sensors supporting remote control (D1.1)
  • ASUE will contribute to the definition of the state of the art of the laws in Armenia (D2.1) according to its specific experience, competences and interests,
  • ASUE will present its competencies throughout the Workshops on Law and User needs (D 2.3) that it will organize and host. The document reporting on the discovered regulatory needs will contain its contribution (D 2.4).
  • ASUE will have an important role in the definition of the contents of the OED educational program (D 3.1).
  • ASUE will have a role in the enrolment process for CTT teachers (D 3.5) and attendees (3.6).
  • ASUE will work on the definition of tasks and activities of the offices (D 4.1), and will be responsible for purchasing equipment to carry out office activities in the early stages (D 4.2). It will support the definition of protocols and rules OED have to comply with (D 4.3).
  • ASUE, along with all of the partners, will do its part for quality monitoring (D 5.3), project documentation maintenance and analysis (D 5.4) and final evaluation of the program (D 5.5).
  • ASUE will participate in the final workshops (D 6.3), as well as in the production of news and report for web dissemination (D 6.4) and in national and international visits and workshops for dissemination purposes (D 6.5). It will supply support for the translation into Armenian of news and report for web dissemination (D 6.4).
  • ASUE will contribute to the design of exploitation plan (D 7.1), as well as be deeply committed to the promotion of (i) the course program (D 7.2), (ii) internship (D 7.3) (iii) hi-tech start-ups active in the civil application sector of drones (D 7.4), (iv) public-private collaboration (D 7.5), and (v) the ICT platform as a dissemination tool (D 7.6).