WP1: Review of MA Programmes

1.1. Guidelines for reform, Armenia

1.2. Guidelines for reform, Moldova

WP2: Curriculum Reform

2.1. Reformed curricula in Armenia

2.2. Reformed curricula in Moldova

WP3: Developed Course Materials

3.1. First set of updated & new courses

3.2. Second set updated & new courses

WP4: Trainings for University Teachers

4.1. First intensive training course

4.2. Second intensive training course

WP5: Implementation of Reformed MA

5.1. Preparation for launch

5.2. First year of program implemented

5.3. Student career guidance events

WP6: Quality Assurance

6.1. Quality assurance manual

6.2. Quality control reports, QAG

6.3. Quality control reports, IAB

WP7: Dissemination & Exploitation

7.1. Project website

7.2. Local dissemination workshops

7.3. Session submission for EAIE conf.

7.4. Final exploitation conferences

WP8: Sustainability Promotion

8.1. Sustainability strategy

8.2. Follow-up cooperation agreement

WP9: Project Management

9.1. Partnership Agreements

9.2. Minutes of yearly coordination meetings