In the REFINE project ASUE will:

  • lead and coordinate WP7 on “Dissemination and Exploitation”
  • undertake a review of its MA programme in Finance with assistance from EU HEIs; analyse regional labour market needs and requirements (WP1)
  • undertake a reform of its MA curriculum in Finance with assistance from EU HEIs (WP2)
  • update and develop courses and teaching materials with assistance from EU HEIs (WP3)
  • send teachers to participate in trainings conducted by EU HEIs (WP4)
  • implement the reformed MA programme as of the Winter term 2019/2020 (W5)
  • participate in the quality assurance mechanisms of the project (WP6)
  • organise dissemination and exploitation activities (e.g. promotion to stakeholders in Armenia, local dissemination workshop and final conference in Yerevan) (WP7)
  • contribute to the sustainability strategy and follow-up cooperation agreements (WP8)
  • participate in project consortium meetings and management activities (WP9)
  • contribute to project reporting, maintain financial records and provide detailed financial information to the coordinator
  • communicate with all relevant project structures (coordinator, WP leaders etc.) to ensure an on-going exchange of information