Vacancies and Internship Announcements



Master classes at ASUE: “How to be competitive in the labor market?”

An opportunity to join the team of “Ardshinbank” for ASUE students

Opportunity to gain experience at the University of Piraeus (Greece)


"ROSGOSSTRAKH" Nominal Scholarship for the Best Students

Training Opportunity in Yerevan Mall

Internship and Job Opportunity at AMERIABANK

"Parvanyan Consulting" Company Invites ASUE Students to Internship

Job in "Coca-Cola" Company

Volunteering Invitation from the RA Ministry of Economy

The Company Hires a Consultant

Vacancies at EVOCABANK

"Yeremyan Projects" Company Hires Accountants

IDream ծրագրի մասնակցության հրավեր

AMERIABANK Hires Financial Analyst

Invitation to “Training and Job at INECOBANK” Project

The Company Hires a Junior Procurement Specialist

Online Internship for ASUE Students and Graduates

Job Announcement

IT Auditor is Hired at the Central Bank

Open Competition for the Vacant Position of Assistant to the Chairman of the Commission for Prevention of Corruption

Data Analyst is Hired

Online Internship for ASUE Students and Graduates

War Participants, Relatives of the Victims Are Invited to Learn Jewelry

Internship at the Higher School of Economics

Qatar Airways Presents Student Club Program

“Targeting” Company is Hiring a Social Media Marketing Specialist


The Commission for the Prevention of Corruption is Hiring a Specialist of Declaration Analysis


Ameriabank is Looking for a Talented Specialist

Bacon Product LLC is Hiring a Junior Data Analysis Specialist

Yeremyan Projects Hires An Accountant

"Laportiva" LLC is Hiring an Accountant

Open Competition for the Position of Assistant to the Chairman of the Commission for Prevention of Corruption

Vacancies in the Bank

Internship Invitation

The Construction Company is Hiring a Marketing Specialist

Audit Assistant is Hired

ASUE Hires

Vacancies at ASUE

Commercial Specialist is Hired

Financial Specialists Are Hired

A Loan Intern Is Hired

ASUE is Hiring a Senior Printer

"Ardshinbank" CJSC Invites to a Pre-qualification Program

Temporary Work for Students

The RA SRC Training Center Invites You To a Free Preparatory Course For Employment

Accountant is Hired

INGO ARMENIA Invites Students To Master Classes

ARARATBANK OJSC Invites Motivated Young People To An Internship

Vacancies at SCPEC

Accountants are Hired

Ameria Generation Launches

Bank Job

Logistics Specialist is Hired

Job Invitations by Rosgosstrakh Armenia

Free Training of Social Media Marketing and Job Invitation

Armenia Insurance Company Hires a Specialist

Job Offer for ASUE Undergraduate Students and Alumni

Debt Collection Specialist is Hired

ASUE Hires an Employee of Juridical Division

Financial Specialist at Muran LLC is Hired

Internal Audit Assistant is Hired

Opportunity to Work in EVOCABANK: a Meeting at ASUE

Invitation to Join EVOCALAB 6 Program

Project Invitation from VTB Bank (Armenia)

Announcement for Students Wishing to Hold Internship at MBG Hospitality and Bacon

Information for Students Selected ARARATBANK for Internship

Vacancies in Insurance Company

RESO is Hiring Customer Service Specialist

B2B Sales Specialists are Hired

Internship Offer at AMERIABANK


The State Revenue Committee is Hiring

Assistant to Chief Accountant is Hiring

Digital Marketing Intern is Hiring

Debt Collection Specialist is Hiring

Accountant to be Hired

Insurance Company is Hiring an Accountant

The Company is Hiring Sales Specialist

EVOCALAB 5: Future Credit Specialist Program Invitation

“INECOBANK Training and Work” Program Invites

Vacancy in an Insurance Company

Vacancies in

Internship in Coca-Cola Company

Job Invitation for Students and Alumni of the Faculty of Finance

Vacancies in DigiLab

Internship Invitation for Beginners in Marketing and Sales

Vacancies in AMERIABANK


Accountant is Hired

Accountant is Hired

Job Invitation

Job Offer by Fast Credit

Job Offers for ASUE Students and Graduates

Job Offers for ASUE Students and Alumni

Job and Internship Invitations

Build Your Career with IDBank

Vacancy of the assistant to Minister

Pre-qualification Program and Vacancy Invitations

Job and Internship Offers for ASUE Students

EVOCALAB Offers a Master’s Degree Program for Students

"Ameriabank" Seeks in a specialist

Training and Job in INECOBANK

Bank Vacancies

Bank Vacancies

Job in Insurance Company

Bank vacancies

Job Announcement




Vacancies at the bank

Vacancy for senior students and graduates

Vacancy at Ameriabank CJSC