Head of the Chair - Ashot MARDOYAN, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor

History, Operations

The Chair of Banking and Insurance was established in 2012. One of the primary goals of the Chair is the preparation of high-quality specialists, who are capable of carrying out professional activities in the financial, economic and managerial fields of financial and credit organizations, to introduce and develop modern bank products, transferring knowledge on attraction and distribution of funds by commercial banks under modern conditions, using bank operations, shaping and distribution of bank profits, the principles of bank liquidity, as well as to be able to apply international experience to improve financial and credit mechanisms in RA.

Heads of the Chair

The first Head of the Chair was Doctor of Economics, Professor Anna Aslanyan.

Educational programs

Currently, the chair delivers lectures on banking and insurance at the "Finance (by sectors)" bachelor's degree program, as well as "Organization of bank activities" and "Insurance" at master's degree programs.

Graduates of the Chair are awarded the specialization "Finance" at bachelor's and master's degree programs, in the case of bachelor's degree program they get bachelor's degree in economics, and in the case of master's degree program - a master's degree in economics.

Subjects taught

The major subjects in "Finance (by sectors)" educational program are: "Banking", "Bank Management", "Monetary and Macro-prudential Policy", "Insurance". Elective subjects are: "Regulation of bank activities", "Credit management", "Bank risk management", "Bank Accounting", "Contemporary Bank Technologies", "International Bank System", "Insurance Product Management", and "Insurance Risk Management".

The chair also delivers lectures on "Tourism", "Actuarial and Financial Mathematics" and "Accounting and Taxation" - at bachelor’s degree programs.

There are 21 subjects at "Organization of bank activities" master's degree program, and the same number of subjects is taught at the "Insurance" master's degree program.

Scientific research activities

The research directions of the Chair are as follows:

  1. The role of the bank system in the development of the RA economy,
  2. Issues of insurance market development in RA.

Staff of the Chair

  1. Mardoyan Ashot Vardan – Head of the Chair, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
  2. Sahakyan Ruzan Albert - PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
  3. Sargsyan Gayane Edik - PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
  4. Harutyunyan Gayane Yuri - PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
  5. Ghazaryan Lusine Babken - PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
  6. Mkhitaryan Aram Samvel - PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
  7. Safaryan Norayr Albert - PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
  8. Torosyan Hasmik Artsrun - PhD in Economics, Lecturer
  9. Bektemuryan Tigran Azat – PhD in Economics, Lecturer
  10. Sardaryan Gevorg Lyudvig – PhD in Economics, Lecturer
  11. Sargsyan Hayk Armen – PhD in Economics, Lecturer
  12. Markosyan Armen Ashot - PhD in Economics, Lecturer
  13. Ispiryan Harutyun Zakar - PhD in Economics, Lecturer
  14. Tonikyan Arman Samvel - PhD in Economics, Lecturer
  15. Nahapetyan Arthur Samveli - Lecturer
  16. Nersesyan Nerses Norayr, Lecturer
  17. Avetisyan Anahit Karen – Lecturer
  18. Voskanyan Shavarsh Edik – Lecturer
  19. Nahapetyan Hasmik Samvel – Lecturer
  20. Davtyan Hayk Merujan – Lecturer
  21. Ghahramanyan Vardges Vilen - Lecturer
  22. Safaryan Hasmik Aramayis – Senior Lab Assistant

Address: Chair of Banking and Insurance, ASUE, Nalbandyan str. 128, 0025, Yerevan, Armenia
Tel.: (+37410) 593-481