Study Invitation at Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain)

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According to the agreement signed between Armenian State University of Economics and  Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain) within the frames of “Erasmus+” program, ASUE students of “Project Management” Master’s degree program will be given an opportunity to study the 2nd semester of the 2019-2020 academic year at the mentioned University.

The competition is open to the students, who

  • study the 1st year of “Project Management” Master’s degree program
  • have B2 and high level of English proficiency,
  • have high advancement,
  • have a great motivation to spend one-semester-study at ASUE partner University.

The students interested in the program should send the below mentioned documents to ASUE International Relations Division till October 29 via  e-mail:

  1. Copy of Passport
  2. Europass CV (in English),
  3. Motivation Letter (in English),
  4. English language certificate (if available). Those students who have passed the examination organized by ASUE International Relations Division, please point your scores in the accompanying letter.
  5. Copy of Bachelor’s degree diploma supplement. In the field of subject of the e-mail You need to mention “Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV).

To ensure, that the application is accepted the applicant will receive a response message within one working day. Incorrect, as well as post-deadline applications will not be considered. After reviewing the submitted documents, the best candidates will be interviewed. It should be noted that the selected students can get long-term (D category) visa in Moscow covering the expense. For more information contact ASUE International Relations Division via

Considering the specialty mentioned in the inter-university contract, only students studying within ASUE "Project Management" Master’s degree program can apply to this program.

The information is submitted by International Relations Division of ASUE Foreign Relations Department