EAEU: Youth session invitation

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Dear colleagues, we invite young experts of the Eurasian integration sector as well as all the interested ones to participate in the EAEU Youth Session on "Brain Attack. EAEU as the younger generation sees it ". Do not miss your opportunity to expand your knowledge on EAEU and present ideas about the future of the Union on October 24 at 12:00.
Youth session will give you an opportunity
• to isten to the speeches of the leading experts in Eurasian integration
• to participate in the group work of creating the image of the future of EAEU with the guidance of experienced coordinators,
• to present own ideas to an audience
• to partner with Eurasian integration experts and young researchers.
The best ideas of the winners will be reflected in the EEC website press release, and the most promising participants will have an opportunity to practice in Moscow in the Eurasian Economic Commission. Leading experts and young researchers will be the experts and speakers of the session.
• K. K. Rakhimov, Chairman of the Committee on Industrial Policy, Export and Infrastructure of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kyrgyzstan
• V.V. Shakhmatov, Head of the Analytical Support Section of the Protocol and Organizational Support Department of the EEC
• Yu. K. Kofner, Head of the Eurasian Sector of the Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies
The event will be held within the framework of the Eurasian Week in the EXPO exhibition center in Yerevan (Hakob Hakobyan, 3). To participate in the session, please register on the Eurasian Week website by October 12. If you have questions, please contact Fedulkin Konstantin Alekseevich, member of the organizing committee (tel: +7 903 586 50 56, e-mail: participant@eurasianweek.com), Anastasia Pyatachkova Sergeevna, youth session preparation coordinator (tel. + 7 495 772 95 90, internal- 22285, e-mail: apyatachkova@hse.ru).