Head of the Chair: Hovhannes GABRIELYAN, PhD in Pedagogic, Associate Professor

The Chair of Physical Training, Emergency Situations and Civil Defense was formed on October, 2012 on the basis of reorganization of the Chairs of Physical training, First Aid and Civil Defense.

The Chair of Physical Education of the Armenian State Economic University was formed in 1975 in the very first days of the foundation of the university. Members of the Chair teach the following courses: physical education, first aid in emergency situations and problems of civil defense. At different times, participating in republican and interuniversity championships, significant successes were recorded in a number of sports. Particularly, football players, futsal players, chess players, tennis players, volleyball players, individual athletes and sportswomen were dtinguished. The members of the Chair have always been engaged in scientific work, research work was carried out in the following areas:

1. Actual problems of increasing the effectiveness of the subject "Physical education" at the University;2. The norms of sports, ethical and fair games among young people.

Over the past three years, the Chair has published 36 scientific works, one teaching aid on the subject "Physical education", 13 articles (2 articles of which in international publications) on the subjects "Emergency Situations" and "Civil Defense", 21 scientific works, 2 of which - collections of tests.

The Faculty

  1. Hovhannes GABRIELYAN - Head of the Chair, PhD in Pedagogics, Associate Professor
  2. Venera VOSKANYAN - PhD in Chemistry, Associate Professor
  3. Siranush HARUTYUNYAN - PhD in Chemistry, Associate Professor
  4. Gagik VARDANYAN - Associate Professor
  5. Norik ZAKOYAN - Associate Professor
  6. Eduard AMIRKHANYAN - Associate Professor
  7. Hakob KYOKCHYAN - Associate Professor
  8. Elianora GRIGORYAN - Associate Professor
  9. Marine ADAMYAN - Lecturer
  10. Neda PETROSYAN – Lecturer
  11. Ani TERTERYAN - Lecturer
  12. Arman GULYAN - Lecturer
  13. Mesrop GHUKASYAN - Lecturer
  14. Shoghik MANASYAN -Lecturer
  15. Serozh HARUTYUNYAN - Lecturer
  16. Davit GRIGORYAN - Lecturer
  17. Alisa ZAREYAN - Senior Assistant

Address: Chair of Physical Training, Emergency Situations and Civil Defense, ASUE, Nalbandyan 128,Yerevan, 0205, Armenia
Tel.: (+37410) 593-410