Head of the Chair: Gagik Aslanyan, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor

The Chair of Management of Armenian State University of Economics was established in 1991. Previously the Chair was part of the Chair of Economics. Establishment of the Chair was conditioned by importance of role in the sphere of management in economy and public life, by the necessity of preparing qualified staff. Already in 1989, in fact first in the Republic, was organized first entrance of specialization Economist-Manager.


Founder Chair was Hrant POGHOSYAN, (1991-1994) Doctor of Sciences /Economics/, Professor and from 1994 to 2018 the head of the chair was academician Yuri Suvaryan. Tuition of subjects is implemented at Bachelor’s (full-time and part-time) included 1st to 4th years, as well as at Master’s (full-time and part-time) programs within the whole course. The students are taught theoretical course and during practical courses, internships, scientific-research and pedagogical trainings (2 latter mentioned for Master’s programs) they strengthen acquired knowledge.

Specialty: Management


  • State and Municipal Management
  • Business Management
  • Social Management
  • Project Management

The main subjects taught

General Theory of Management, Business and Office Administration, Rhetorical Art, Organizational Theory, Organizational Behavior, Sociology, Public Administration Theory and History, Social Management and Specific Social Research, Modern Leadership Theory, Theory of the State and Law, Economics and Management, Social Management, State and Municipal Management, International Management, Management, Personnel Management, Strategic Management, Banking and Financial Management, Modern Issues in Investment and Innovation Management, Risk Management and Insurance, Regional Economics and Management, International Experience of Public Administration, Public Service System, Theory of the State and Law, Management Basics, Risk Management, Project Management, Key Issues of Investment Portfolio Management, Production Management, Corporate Management Theory, National Socio-Economic Security Issues, Service Management, Tax and Customs Management, Project and Quality Management, Business Risk Management, Modern Issues in Financial Management

Scientific-research activities

The main subject of scientific-research work of the Chair is “Improvement directions of management system of economy in the Republic of Armenia”. Within previous 5 years 20 monographs, 3 textbooks and 8 educational-methodological works have been published by the Faculty of the Chair. In general, in 2015 were published 43 scientific works, in 2016- 48. In 2016 the Chair has republished the "Management" textbook. Members of the Chair actively participated in formation of scientific magazine “Messenger of ASUE" publishing about 30 articles, and Academician Yuri SUVARYAN was Editor in Chief of the magazine in 2005-2011. Since 1994 by members, Assistant Professors, Graduate students and applicants have defended 3 doctoral thesis’s and 70 dissertations.

Staff of the Chair

  1. Aslanyan Gagik Sergeyi - Head of the Chair, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
  2. Mkhitaryan Khoren Alberti - PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
  3. Avanesyan Romik Sanjani – PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
  4. Ordyan Armenuhi Eduardi – PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
  5. Minasyan Anna Ashoti – PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
  6. Manukyan Amalya Styopayi – PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
  7. Ohanyan Taguhi Hoviki – PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
  8. Hambardzumyan Hasmik Harutyuni – PhD in Economics, Senior Lecturer
  9. Karapetyan Susanna Samveli – PhD in Economics, Senior Lecturer
  10. Hovhannisyan Arevik Razmiki – PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
  11. Shahnazaryan Nelli Haykazi – PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
  12. Karakhanyan Armen Rafayeli – PhD In Economics, Associate Professor
  13. Kocharyan Mariana Rafiki – PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
  14. Harutyunyan Hasmik Mihrdati – PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
  15. Mkrtchyan Tatevik Nikolayi -Lecturer
  16. Sanamyan Anna Hakobi – Lecturer
  17. Karakhanyan Seda Aleksandri - Lecturer
  18. Arakelyan Marine Vardgesi – PhD in Economics, Lecturer
  19. Harutyunyan Anna Vladimiri – PhD in Economics, Lecturer
  20. Manukyan Gohar Marleni – Lecturer
  21. Suvaryan Arzik Mikayeli –Doctor of Economics, Professor
  22. Tovmasyan Gayane Rubiki – PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
  23. Merdinyan Gayane Mihrani - Lecturer
  24. Dallakyan Meri Vardani - Lecturer
  25. Martirosyan Tigran Seryozhayi – Doctor of Economics, Professor
  26. Asatryanc Sargis Armeni – PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
  27. Manucharyan Vardanush Grigori –PhD in Economics, Lecturer
  28. Ananyan Gagik Hranti – PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
  29. Mnacakanyan Stepan Levoni – PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
  30. Bakhchagulyan Abram Arami – PhD in Economics, Lecturer
  31. Mkrtchyan Shushanik Yuriki – PhD in Economics, Senior Lecturer
  32. Aslanyan Sergey Gagiki – PhD in Economics, Lecturer
  33. Antinyan Serob Edwardi - Assistant
  34. Kirakosyan Erica Koryuni - Assistant
  35. Melkonyan Narek Hakobi - PhD in Economics, Lecturer
  36. Sargsyan Karen Hamleti – PhD in Economics, Lecturer
  37. Smbatyan Armen Volodyayi - Lecturer
  38. Mnacakanyan Mariam Gevushi – Senior Lab Assistant
  39. Vardanyan Marine Levoni – Lab Assistant
  40. Khazaryan Liana Gariki -Lab Assistant

Address: Chair of Management, ASUE, Nalbandyan 128,Yerevan 0025,Armenia
Tel: (+37410) 593-434, (+37410) 593-433