Head of the Chair: Armen GHAZARYAN, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor

The Chair of Economic Computer Science and Information Systems of Armenian State University of Economics was established in 1975. It was called Automatic Processing and Management of Economic Information. According to the resolution of Scientific Council of September 17, 2011 the Chair was renamed Information Systems Management.

On November 19, 2012, the Chair was renamed Economic Computer Science and Information Systems by the decree of the Scientific Board.

The Chair trains specialists in the field of economic informatics and information systems.

The Chair of Information Systems Management of Armenian State University of Economics has established scientific-educational relations with several Universities in the USA and Europe, scientific centers, foundations and international organizations, among them: University of Berkeley, USA; University of Iowa, USA; New York University, Program of NATO “Science for Peace”; Sores Foundation, Chicago Foundation of MacArthur, etc. Jointly with New York University where also exists the same specialization, has been drafted current credit educational plans.

Lecturers of the Chair periodically participate in conferences by the NATO Program in American and European universities.

In 2015, the "Network Economy" scientific-educational group was formed at the Chair.


  1. 1975 - Shavarsh HAMBARDZUMYAN
  2. 1978 - Suren SARGSYAN
  3. 1985-1993 - Lazr KHANUMYAN
  4. 1993-2000 - Eduard HYUSYAN
  5. 1993-2011 - Robert ARMENAKYAN
  6. 2011-2020 - Vardan SARGSYAN

Within previous years the faculty of the Chair have published more than a dozen of educational- methodological manuals, which are presented in the Armenian version.

Staff of the Chair

  1. Ghazaryan Armen Yuriki –Head of the Chair, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
  2. Badalyan Kima Ghevondi - PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
  3. Arshakyan Mareta Arshaki - PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
  4. Khachatryan Kamo Arami - PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
  5. Artashyan Argam Hamleti – PhD in Economics, Senior Lecturer
  6. Atanyan Aida Ararati - Lecturer
  7. Terteryan Gayane Bagrati - Lecturer
  8. Sahakyan Sahak Volodyayi - Assistant
  9. Tumanyan Anush Lavrenti - Lecturer
  10. Kirakosyan Anna Srapi – Assistant
  11. Osipyan Hripsime Emili – PhD in Economics, Lecturer
  12. Sargsyan Arman Alberti - PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
  13. Galanteryan Anahit Petrosi – PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor
  14. Ghukasyan Gayane Mamikoni – PhD in Mathematical Physics, Associate Professor
  15. Margaryan Bagrat Sergeyi - Assistant
  16. Sharkhatunyan Ruzanna Hayki - Assistant
  17. Galstyan Lilit Artavazdi - Assistant
  18. Gyonjyan Kristine Levoni - Lecturer
  19. Avagyan Anna Armeni – Assistant
  20. Grigoryan Inessa Edvardi – Lab Assistant

Address: Chair of Information Systems Management, Paruir Sevak 77, 069, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia
Tel: (+374 10) 24 70 50, (+37410) 24 73 70