Hrayr Darbinyan-the 80th Anniversary: in the Memory of a Patriotic Historian

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Hrayr Darbinyan, Doctor of Sciences, Professor will become 80 years old on December 25. For more than 15 years, he had headed ASUE History and Political Science Chair.
With his unique human nature, with boundless energy, with a patriot and honest citizen's attitude, he left an indelible mark on Armenian history and, of course, in the history of our University.
Since 1975, teaching at our newly-established University, he enjoyed the love and respect of his colleagues and students.

His rich scientific heritage: monographs and articles refer to the various problems of the Armenian people and world history in which new controversial issues are interpreted. He touched upon the Armenian Genocide, exposed the attempts of deception and falsification of the facts by Turkish historians, and dedicated valuable research to the history of his birthplace- Tavush.
Hrair Darbinyan was the bearer of human values: kindness, humanism, unlimited care for the environment were always inseparable from him.

ASUE Rectorate Board