ASUE Hosted a Public Discussion on the Selection of Research Topics of AMBERD Center

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ASUE AMBERD Research Center has applied to the RA Ministries and their subordinate organizations aimed at conducting research on issues of great importance for the State. As a result, more than two dozen proposals were received, and  the Center held a public discussion with ASUE Faculty  in order to make a choice and consult on them.

Tatul Mkrtchyan, Vice Rector for Science, Davit Hakhverdyan, Director of AMBERD Research Center, welcomed the attendees. The  Vice Rector  emphasized that the aim of applying to the Ministries and Departments is to make AMBERD’s activities more targeted and public.

Before presenting the topics, Davit Hakhverdyan noted that some Ministries have even  ordered  several topics, and the most rational ones will be selected from them.

After the presentation of the topics, the members of Faculty presented their observations and suggestions.

All topics will be selected as a result of a discussion of AMBERD Center’s Expert Board, taking into account the suggestions of the lecturers.

Additional information on the final selection of topics will be submitted.

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