ASUE AMBERD Research Center Creates Expert Group to Collaborate with Mass Media

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ASUE AMBERD Research Center has formed an expert group aimed at strengthening cooperation with mass media. The research topics and directions cover the broadest range of economies, including key macroeconomic indicators, their behavior and dynamics, the RA and international financial markets, fiscal policy, world commodity markets and consumer prices, agrarian policy, social policy, education, innovation to Think Tanks and so on.

Davit Hakhverdyan, Director of AMBERD Research Center, told ASUE Media and Public Relations Division; “Promoting the Center requires activating cooperation with the mass media. We’ll more focused on scientific analysis and interviews rather than academic ones. The purpose of the above mentioned activity is to increase the audience and the visibility of the Center, which will, in fact, pave the way for further formats of cooperation, including with the public administration system and business circles ”.

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division