ASUE Young Scientists Attended International Conference in Artsakh

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On September 12-15, Nadezhda Afyan, Assistant Professor at the Chair of Environmental Economics, PhD in Economics and Armine Schanyan, Associate Professor at the Chair of Finance, PhD in Economics, attended the 4th International Youth Conference "Past, Present and Future of Armenian Statehood" in Artsakh. It is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of YSU and was organized by Artsakh Young Scientists and Specialists Association (AYGM) NGO in cooperation with YSU and Mesrop Mashtots University of Stepanakert.

Postgraduate students, researchers, young scientists and specialists from Armenia, Artsakh and foreign universities and research centers participate in the conference.

ASUE delegates have come up with articles on modern topics. Nadezhda Afyan presented a report on “Contradictions of Stakeholders on Mine Exploitation”, Armine Schanyan “Necessity, Importance and Movement of Pension Reforms in the Republic of Armenia”.

In addition, 5 representatives of ASUE Gyumri Branch also participated in the conference.

The speakers were awarded certificates, the best articles will be published.

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division