"Global Issues of Modernity": Professor Aram Sargsyan’s new publication

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“Global Issues of Modernity” manual by Aram Sargsyan, Doctor of Sciences /Philosophy/, Professor of the chair of Philosophy and Armenian History, have been published by ASUE Scientific Board’s decision. Emphasizing the current issues and manifestations of modernity both in the world and in the Armenian reality, with deep care of nature and the future of humanity, from the position of science and great experience, intelligence, morality and humanism, the author proposes ways to overcome spiritual and moral healing ways. In the introductory speech author notes: "A special place and role is given to philosophy as a cultural form of spiritual activities outlining the guidelines for overcoming global problems".

The editor-in-chief of the manual is the professor of the Chair of Philosophy and Armenian History, Doctor of Sciences /Philosophy/, Suren Sargsyan. The reviewers were acting head of the chair, PhD in Philosophy, Associate Professor Sofya Ohanyan and PhD in Philosophy, Associate Professor Yuri Hovakanyan.
The manual can be of use to students, PhD students, lecturers and teachers.

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