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Today, presentation of   the  First  Student Channel and updated  official  website  of  Student Council  was   held  at  ASUE  Big  Hall  within the framework of  measures  dedicated  to  the 20th anniversary  of  ASUE  Student Council, the event  was  attended  by  Minister of   MES  in the RA Armen Ashotyan, Coordinator of Board of Trustees Youth Foundation of Armenia, RA Member of Parliament  Karen Avagyan,  ASUE Vice-rectors, Deans, Lecturers  and  students.

President  of  ASUE  SC Media  and  Public Relations  Commission Hayk Bejanyan welcomed  the  guests  and  presented the  updated  official  website  of  Student Council, sections, headlines,  and  “The  First Student  Channel”.  The  presentation  was  marked  by  screening of the  first program, the  channel’s  logo  was  also  shown.

The  presentation of  the  second  stage of  the project “1 turn to 100”,  enriching Wikipedia with  Armenian articles,  was  also  held. The  project  coordinator,  student  Gohar  Hovhannisyan  presented the  articles  posted  in Armenian  Wikipedia  by  ASUE  SC,  mentioning that our  students  participation in the  project has  started since  September, 2014. In addition to articles  dedicated  to  life, activity  of  ASUE  fallen  fighters,  the  students also  presented  economic  articles.

The  Minister of  MES  in the RA  Armen Ashotyan made a remark characterizing ASUE  students  as hard working  and purposeful  ones.

The Minister  mentioned  that the first student  magazine  was published  in 1999  by  the Student Parliament  of Medical  University,  and  the  second  magazine  was the  one of ASUE.

“Today  I  am  pleased  that  the  University of Economics  opens    new version,  new  page  and  format of  student  news  life  and  I hope that  students  professionalism  will  be  quite  enough  and  this attempt will  be   catching  for  the  other  Universities”; mentioned  the  Minister  and  wished unobstructed  working process and  to touch  more  problems.

 Referring to  the campaign  of  enriching  Wikipedia with Armenian  articles, the Minister  mentioned that  a  number of  people  are  involved  in the project, then highlighted the  students’  participation in it.  Armen Ashotyan also  congratulated  ASUE Student Council on the 20th anniversary.

The  President  of  ASUE  SC  Sergey Kharatyan   and  Vice-rector  on Students  and  Alumni  Matters Sevak Khachatryan made  welcoming  remarks.

Sergey  Kharatyan outlined in his  speech  that today  is significant and important  one  in Students  Council’s  life,  expressed  gratitude to ASUE  Rector  Koryun Atoyan  and  Youth Foundation of  Armenia  for  supporting the  project.

Sevak Khachatryan mentioned  that the idea  of  creating  ASUE  Student  Council’s  channel was  still  years  ago  and  today, it is  already accomplished,  which  means that each  new  generation is more advanced. “This will  be  a  platform,  where each student will  be  able  to  raise his/her  problem. Congratulations  to  everybody”.

Note,  that the  updated official website  of  ASUE  SC,  “The First Student Channel”  are  presented  in



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