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Today,  presentations  of  two  groups  of  MA  students were  held  in “AMBERD”  Research Center.

The  first  group  reported  on “International  Experience  of  Innovative  Methods  for  Natural  Resources  Usage and   Application  Opportunities  in Armenia”,co-authored  by  MA students of environmental economics specialty, Department of Regulation of Economy and  International Economic Relations,  Luiza Avetisyan  and  Liana Aghekyan.

The  second group  reported  on “Assessment  of  Socio-Economic Impacts  of  Climate  Changes  and  Adaptation Measures  in the  RA”,co-authored  by MA  students  ofenvironmental economics specialty, Department of Regulation of Economy and  International Economic Relations Meline Yesayan, Tatevik Tovmasyan, Tatevik Kocharyan.

The presentations were  attended  by  Director  of “AMBERD”  Research Center  Samvel Avetisyan, collaborators  of  the  Center,  Candidates  in  Chemistry,  Associate  Professors, Chair of Environmental Economics  Razmik  Petrosyan  and  Alisa Gevorgyan.

Liana Aghekyan  referred to current  state  of  water,  land, entrails  and landscape resources  in the  RA,  the problems regarding  their useage, as well  as innovative methods: the study of international experience.

Localization opportunity of  international experience  of  natural  resources   and  investment opportunity of  innovative  methods  were  presented.

The  second  report  was  presented  by  Tatevik  Tovmasyan  and  Meline  Yesayan.   They  spoke  about  causes  of climate  changes  and the  study  of  their consequences, then presented  the  assessment  effects  of  climate  changes  on the  economy  and  its separate  branches.

International  and  regional  experience  of  adaptation measures was analyzed.

After  the  reports’  presentations Samvel  Avetisyan, Razmik  Petrosyan  and  Alisa  Gevorgyan asked topic-related questions  and  made professional analyzes.

Razmik Pertosyan thanked “AMBERD”  Research  Center  and  expressed  satisfaction with the work done by the students.

 Samvel Avetisyan characterized  the  students as hardworking, tenacious and motivated researchers.

At  the  end, the  Director  of the  Center awarded MA  students  certificates.




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