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A  meeting  was  held  on at ASUE International Programs’ Center  today,  which  aimed  to  present  “Moodle”  educational  program  and  the issue  of  investing  it  at  our  University.  The meeting  was  attended  by the  Rector  Koryun Atoyan,  Vice-rectors  Paruyr  Qalantaryan, Mihrdat  Harutyunyan, Gagik  Vardanyan,  the  Director  of  “AMBERD” Research Center  Samvel  Avetisyan  and  collaborators  of  the  Center, the  Head of  ASUE  Science  Division  Khoren Mkhitaryan,  Deans  of  the  Departments,  other  employees of  ASUE.

The Director  of  Career  and  Marketing  Center  Karen  Babajanyan,  welcoming the  participants,  spoke  about the  importance  and effectiveness  of   the program.  He  informs  that  the  program  enables  the  students  to  contribute  to the creative  development  and optimal  use  of  time  spent  on  educational process  by both  the  lecturer  and  student.  The student  should  be  aware  of the  topic  of the  lecture before  coming  to  the  class through  this  program,   and  the  lecturer  doesn’t  have  to  spend  time  on imposing  a  lecture  in the  auditorium. The  student, who  already  knows  the topic, discusses  it   with the  lecturer  creating  an  interactive  communication: this  is  the  main  advantage  of  the  proposed   program,  which    contributes to  the  development of student’s  creative  thinking, professional  skills,  which  absence brings  to  the  employers’ complain.  By  the  way, “Moodle”  program  has 73 million  users  all  over  the  world,  a  number  of  educational  institutes in Armenia  also  use  it. For  investing  the  program  appropriate technical equipment  is  required (digital  blackboards, special benches, etc.),  which  was  also  discussed by the  participants, particularly the  University’s  Administration.

A leading  specialist  at  Career  and  Marketing  Center  Karine  Poghosyan presented the  technical  part  of  the  program: how  to  involve  the  lecturers  and students  in the  program  and  the way  of  its  usage.

In the interview with ASUE Media and Public Relations Division,  Karen  Babajanyan spoke about  the  main  advantage  of  the  program  comparing  it with academic “traditional”  method.

“The  main advantages  are: the  student  doesn’t  study  the  examination materials  a few days before the exam, but   during   the  whole academic  process  due  to  daily work,  interactively communicating with the  lecturer, the  method  of  imposing  a  lecture is  vanished  and  a  type of   creative,  thoughtful  student is  formed  at  the  auditorium”,  summarized  Karen Babajnayan.

At the  end  of  the  meeting the  participants  asked   questions  and  discussed a  number of  problems  regarding  investment  of the  program.

Concluding  the  discussion, Rector  Koryun Atoyan,  mentioned  that the  program  was quite  interesting, all  issues  regarding the program  would  be  discussed   and  appropriate steps would  be undertaken  to  fulfill the  process.

ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division