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ASUE  Council session  took  place  today  at  ASUE  Conference  Hall  headed  by  the  President of  ASUE  Council,  the  President of the  RA  NA  Hovik  Abrahamyan,  the  Minister of the RA Ministry of  Education and  Science  Armen Ashotyan,  participation of  the  Council’s  members.  
Hovik Abrahamyan greeted the participants  and  as it  was the  first  meeting  in 2013,  he  congratulated  New  Year  and  Marry Christmas, expressing confidence  that 2013  would  be  a  year  of  new achievements.

ASUE  Rector,  Doctor of Economics, Professor  Koryun Atoyn  presented  a  report concerning  to  academic and financial-economic  results  of   Armenian State  University of  Economics  in 2012  and  main indexes of  the  budget  project  in 2013.  The  Rector  informed  that  fair analysis of the  University’s  achievements  and  especially   defects,  revelation of  the   problems requiring urgent solution had  been  made in the  report.  The  Rector  reflected  educational-methodological  works,  issues  of  organizing and improving   academic  process,  students’  progress,   scientific  activity,  organization of  practice,  public relations,  continuing education,  internationalization  and economic activity  of the  University  in details.

Then Koryun Atoyan  presented  the  second  issue  of the  agenda: creation of    research  center  in ASUE  organizational structure. The  Head of  the  University  substantiated  the  necessity  of   forming  such  structure   in the  perspective  of  increasing  the quality  of  the  education and  competitiveness, mentioning that the  goal of the  research  center would be  to encourage  and  support  the  research  of     problems   concerning  a  number  of  fields  of  the  country’s economic policy.

At the  end  of  the  report  the  Rector  underlined, that the  University  would  seek  to  increase the  market relevance  of  each  subdivision,  worker,  lecturer, student  on its  way of  development. (You  can  get  acquainted with  the  Rector’s  report  visiting the  official  website  of  the  University (
Listening  and  discussing  the  following  issues  ASUE  Council  headed by  the  President of  ASUE  Council,  the  President  of  the  RA  NA  Hovik Abrahamyan  decided to  approve  the  activity of   Armenian State  University of  Economics  in 2012  and  to  establish  budget  in 2013.  The decision was adopted by open vote, unanimously.

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