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Regular  session of  ASUE  Scientific  Council  took  place  at  the  Conference  Hall  of  Armenian  State  University of  Economics.

“First  of  all  I  want  to  mention, that  Student  Council has remained true to its mission  to  raise  the  students’ problems  and  to  protect  the  rights  of  students”, presenting  report about educational,  scientific-research,  patriotic education    works  of  the  Student   Council  announced  the   President  Sevak  Khachatryan.   He  presented  the  done  works, organized  events  and  projects  of  last  year, at  the  same  time  stressing  that  scientific  and  social  projects   would be  outweighed in Student  Council’s  initiatives  during  next  year.  The  President of SC  mentioned  that  there  had  been  defects and omissions, but  they  did  their  best  to  emit  them.  Sevak  Khachatryan  thanked  ASUE  Rector  Koryun Atoyan  for  supporting   Student Council’s  initiatives, as well as  he thanked  the  Rector,  the  Dean’s  Offices  and  Chairs  for  cooperation.

The  Dean of  the  Department of  Accounting  and  Audit  Ashot  Matevosyan  thanked  SC  for  fervent  initiatives.  ASUE  Rector  Koryun  Atoyan  underlined  that  he  contacted  with  SC  every  day and  was  aware  of  their  initiatives.  The  Rector  urged  to  involve  more  students  in  University  events.  The  members  of  Scientific  Council voted  for  the  SC  report  and  assessed  it  sufficient.

In the  result  of secret ballot the members  of  Scientific  Council  awarded  a  scientific rank of  Associate  Professor  to  an  Assistant  at  the  Chair  of  Finance,  Candidate  of  Economics  Anahit  Jamkochyan,  an Assistant  at  the  Chair  of  Management, Candidate  of  Economics Ruben  Hayrapetyan  and  an Assistant  at the  Chair  of  Mathematical Methods in Economics, Candidate  of  Economics  Narek  Kesoyan.  The  Scientific  Council  made  a  decision in the  result of  consonous  votes  to  mediate Higher Certification Commission  to award  a  scientific  rank of  Associate  Professor  to the  mentioned  people.

Other  issues  were  also refered  to during  the  session:  the report  and  development trends of  the  University’s  Continuous and Supplementary Education Center  were  presented.  The  members of Scientific  Council  assessed  the  activety  of  the  Center  sufficient,  and  Rector  Koryun Atoyan  hoped  that  the  works  of  the  Center  would  have  desirable  results  during  short period of time.

In the  results  of  votes the  members of Scientific  Council  guaranteed for  the  publicationt  the  educational manuals of  the  Head of  Chair   of  Commodity  Research,  Doctor  of   Technical  Science,  Associate  Professor  Armen  Karapetyan  and  an Assistant  of   the  Chair  of  Finance,  Candidate  of  Economics  Hayk  Farmanyan.

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