If You Are Eager, You Will Work by Your Profession: Liana Chanakhchyan

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The heading  "I Am an  ASUE Member, I Work By  My  Profession" continues to bring to the field the talented graduates of the University, who have deservedly found their place in the domestic labor market, apply the knowledge gained at the University in the most important spheres of the public and private sectors. For asue.am, they present their success story, address the message, that’s, everyone should  work by their profession. Today, our guest is this year Liana Chanakhchyan, an excellent graduate of the Master's degree in Public Finance (she graduated from the same Faculty in 2018 with a degree in Customs Affairs), who is an employee of the Finance and Economics Department of the RA Prime Minister's Office for about a year.  Read her  message  in Armenian version.

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