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Schedules of Part-time and Full-time Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees - Online

Dear students, the schedules of tests, exams and retaken ones of full-time and part-time  Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees for the 2nd half of 2019-2020 academic year are available online. See the schedules under “Student” heading. ASUE Media and Pub;ic Relations Division

Examinations since May 27: the Schedules – Online

Dear students, since May 27, the testing and examination process for the 2nd half of the 2018-2019 academic year will start. Here we present the schedules of final tests and exams of the 1st-4th year full-time Bachelor’s and the 1st year Master’s degrees. Let’s recall, the schedules of part-time Bachelor’s and...


The  Media  and Pubic  Relations  Division  reminds:  the  scedules  concerning  ASUE  educational  process  is  the  following:  the 1st-2nd  classes  begin  at  9.30  a.m.   and  end  at   10:50,  the   3rd-4th  classes  at  11:00-12:20  a.m.,  the  5th-6th  classes  at  12:35-13:55,  the 7th-8th  classes  at  14:05-15:25  a.m.,  the  9th-10th  classes  at  15:35-16:55  a.m., the  11th-12th  classes  at  17:05-18.25 p.m.    The  numerator-denominator  classes  of  the  weeks  in   the  second ...