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New Issue of AMBERD Bulletine: Online Publications

ASUE AMBERD Research Center has prepared  the 4th edition of  AMBERD bulletine, the 3rd edition of this year. This issue is available online under AMBERD  section at ASUE official website. Here are the active link. ASUE  Media and Public Relations Division

The 3rd Issue of AMBERD Bulletine

The 3rd  issue of  AMBERD bulletin  is ready, which draws the reader's attention on a number of urgent topics, the key is the epidemic, its impact on different spheres. The third issue  is presented electronically, contains 21 articles with professional analyzes. Let’s recall,  the...

AMBERD Bulletin is Included in the Cyberleninka Science Library

AMBERD Bulletin  is included in the well-known Cyberleninka electronic scientific library. "Cyberlenica" is built on the paradigm of open science, the main tasks of which are the publicity of science - scientific activities, public control over the quality of academic publications, the development of...

Coronavirus and the World. The 2nd Issue of AMBERD Bulletin is Ready

ASUE AMBERD Research Center presents to the public the electronic version of the second issue of the bulletin published by the Center. According to the editorial board, it is a special issue, the core of which is the COVID-19, which has been declared a contagion for the world, and its impact on the current and...