Issue 59 of "Amberd" series is online

29.05.2023 Amberd
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Issue 59 of “Amberd” series on “Research of the RA vegetable oil market” is online on ASUE official website.

The authors of the research are Tatul Mkrtchyan (leader of the research team), Erik Hambardzumyan, Yevgenya Bazinyan, Hayk Sargsyan, Narek Karapetyan and Narine Petrosyan (members of the research team).

Within the frames of the research, development trends and problems of the international vegetable oil market, ways and mechanisms of its transfer to the economy of the Republic of Armenia were considered, as well as the evaluation of its possible effect.

The authors have comprehensively studied the competitive situation of the domestic vegetable oil market in Armenia, identifying market participants and their shares, the existence of dominant position and possible abuses as well as anti-competitive measures, and designed recommendations to increase the efficiency of the state policy when ensuring competition in the sector.