Information for Students: Tuition Fee Payment Issue at ASUE Rectorate Board’s Sitting

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Today, regular sitting of ASUE Rectorate Board was held. Deans reported a number of current issues.

On these days, students are mostly interested in paying tuition fees. It was stated that students can pay the tuition fee each month. Students may also pay the semester fee at once.

Acting Rector Diana Galoyan urged to follow the requirement of the RA Law on Education and to inform students of their rights. The University Head reminded that no ASUE student was dismissed for not paying the tuition fee, now we also need to make concessions for them, not forgetting the requirements of the law.

See detailed information on paying tuition fee and the bank account.

Then, the Deans introduced ASUE students’ letter-applications addressed to Diana Galoyan, current issues were touched upon.

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division