Informative Meeting on “Erasmus +” Program was Held at ASUE

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“It is accepted in Europe that students call each other colleagues, so let me welcome you - “Dear Colleagues” ; here is how Tigran Ghalayan, student of the Faculty of Regulation of Economy and International Economic Relations at ASUE, studying one semester at Tsenov Academy of Economics (Bulgaria) within the frames of “Erasmus +” program, welcomed the attendees of informative meeting.

A group of ASUE high achieving students fluent in English, who are interested in European education system, culture, tradition, came to ASUE Big Hall to get answers regarding EU “Erasmus +” program.

Since joining the above mentioned educational program, the coordinator Division at ASUE has been organizing informative meetings aimed at helping students to take the first step to participate in the program. Today, a similar meeting was held, during which the program coordinator at ASUE and the meeting organizer - International Relations Division, detailed information regarding the program application procedures, then the program alumni Tigran Ghalayan and Khoren Ispiryan (Finance) presented their success stories enhancing the students' motivation to apply for the program.

Vard Ghukasyan, Head of International Relations Division, held the meeting. First, she checked the students’ awareness on the program, then answered the FAQs (frequently asked questions).

On September 12, 13, 16, English exams will be passed.

See more information regarding “Erasmus +” program at ASUE official website /International Programs/.

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