ASUE Scientific Board Honored Rafael Yervandyan

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Today, ASUE Scientific Board session started with a few issues off the agenda. Diana Galoyan, the Chair of Scientific Board, ASUE acting Rector, announced that the Board members would congratulate and honor Rafael Yervandyan, the founder and long-time editor of “Tntesaget” Magazine (1977–2004), responsible secretary of the “Messenger of ASUE” scientific journal (2004–2011), on the 80th anniversary and awarded congratulatory letter on the behalf of the Rectorate Board, Faculty and collaborators, readers of “Tntesaget” magazine.

Yuri Hovakanyan, acting Head of the Chair of Philosophy and Armenian History, Associate Professor, also congratulated the jubilee, as a colleague, as a witness of Yervandyan's many years of work.

In a response, Rafael Yervandyan applied to Diana Galoyan and stated that it’s a pleasure to be honored by ASUE Scientific Board members and it assures that the 40-year-career is worthy of appreciation.

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