Do Digital Currencies Conquer the Economy of the Future? Open Lecture by a Visiting Speaker

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Our future economists and lecturers often discuss the topic of cryptocurrencies: relatively new reality in the world economy is conquering the world, and naturally, we need to understand why and how. Today's lecture of "International Business" course in the 4th year of Economics specialty was also dedicated to the topic. Lecturer, Assistant Professor at the Chair of International Economic Relations, PhD in Economics Albert Hayrapetyan, invited alumni of the American University of Armenia, a programmer, a member of the Yerevan Council of Elders Eduard Avetisyan to deliver a lecture entitled "Cryptocurrencies as Blood Vessels of the Future Economy?"

Before touching upon digital currencies, the speaker gave a brief overview of the evolution of money, in this context, he considered the mission of central banks, the underlying causes of financial crises and other issues. Then he spoke about its emergence and widespread, interesting facts, "secret" message, prospects.

The lecture was impressive, interactive and useful, and although the students didn't hear about cryptocurrencies for the first time, they certainly gained new knowledge today and heard something new.

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