Applicants of “Erasmus +” Program Pass English Exam

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The coordinator of “Erasmus +” program at ASUE - Foreign Relations Department, holds free exams of English for the program applicants.

Students, who do not have English language certificate, can pass the exam. Today, the first pre-registered participants (17 out of 20 applicants) was checked.

Lusine Danielyan, Director of ASUE Foreign Relations Department, and Vard Ghukasyan, Head of International Relations Division, welcomed the students and introduced the procedure of the examination.

Foreign Relations Department will sum up the results of exams soon and will inform the participants individually. In general, 97 registered students will pass the exam in this period.

See the schedule of exams.

Let’s recall, “Erasmus +” provides winners with a scholarship to study in abroad for one semester. High achieving students fluent in English can participate in the competition.

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division