"I Am an ASUE Member, I Work by My Profession": Tsovinar Sargsyan

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Dear ASUE members,

Media  and Public Relations Division launches a new series entitled "I Am an ASUE Member, I Work by My Profession", under which we intend to present one of the graduates of each of our Faculties, aimed at emphasizing that the graduates of our University live and work for themselves. By profession, they diligently discover it every day and proudly state that they are specialists in any field.The materials of this рeading will be based on the idea that the choice of profession is very important, the education received should serve the direct purpose of finding a job, that Armenian State University of Economics fills the relevant spheres of the state with qualified and young staff by training economists in relevant specialties.

The first hero of our heading is Tsovinar Sargsyan, one of the best students of the Faculty of Marketing and Business Organization, who is now an Assistant Professor at ASUE Chair of Marketing, the founder of "The First Business School In Armenia" (the first business school in Armenia) and programs coordinator. Dean of the Faculty of Marketing and Business Organization Narek Kesoyan told us about Tsovinar, when we presented our new title and asked the name a graduate. In response, the dean said that Tsovinar is a worthy candidate, purposeful,  creative.

Tsovinar has prepared a message for ASUE graduates, students, who will start their careers in the near future.

She urges  to look for a professional job and start building yourself in your field. Well, let's read the message! See Armenian version.

ASUE Media  and Public Relations Division