The Start of ASUE Admission Process is Encouraging: Interview with Executive Secretary Grigor Nazaryan

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The admission process of Universities has started on May 25. It is being implemented online this year caused by the coronavirus epidemic. Grigor Nazaryan, Executive Secretary of ASUE Admission Committee, presented the picture of Armenian State University of Economics and answered  to our questions.

-Mr. Nazaryan, the admission process started on May 25. What is the picture at our University, how many applicants do we have?

- As of June 4, 2020, we have 662 applicants. The most registered professions are finance, management, marketing, accounting, economics. Evaluating the situation, we compare the indicators with this period of the previous year, I consider the picture quite promising, as last year we have 180 applicants on these days.

Read the whole interview in Armenian version.

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