Levon Aghasyan Won Gold Medal

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Levon Aghasyan, leading triple jumper in Armenia, a participant of the Olympic Games, the 3rd year student of ASUE Department of Marketing and Business Organization (part-time learning), won gold medal (16.71 meters) at Balkan Athletics Championships held in Istanbul on February 16.
The talented athlete has already won in these competitions for the fourth time.
ASUE Media and Public Relations Department talked to Levon, who he is in Turkey and after a few days will go to Glasgow to take part in the European Championship.
“This was the 24th of Balkan Athletics Championship attended by athletes from 20 countries, by the way, Azerbaijan - for the 1st time. My victory was different from the previous ones because of the reaction of my relatives, my compatriots (because I was struggling with the Turkish and Azerbaijani triple jumpers). Now I'm training for the best performance in the upcoming competitions”.
Congratulations to Levon on the glorious victory.
In the second photo, Levon is with Arsen Petrosyan, the coach.

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division