New edition: "Think Tanks in the Political System"

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"Think Tanks in the Political System" (text of lectures) book was published by "Tntesaget" publishing house on the recommendation of the Council of the ASUE Department of Regulation of Economy and International Economic Rеlations. The authors are the Deputy Director-Senior Expert of AMBERD, Associate Professor at ASUE Chair of Political Science and Law Vardan Atoyan and Associate Professor at the ASUE Chair of Philosophy and Armenian History, PhD in philosophy Sofya Ohanyan. The book presents the essence of the Think Tank concept, stages of origin and development of Think Tanks, functions and typology, their role in the modern social-political system, peculiarities and development perspectives of Armenian Think Tanks.

The authors hope that the book will be of interest and will serve as a basis for further studies in that sphere. The e-version of the book is available here.

Congratulations to our colleagues.

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