Admission is completed: ASUE has 276 Bachelor`s and 247 Master's part-time students

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The results of part-time admission of 2015-2016 academic year have been summarized. The Executive Secretary of the Committee Mery Badalyan told us that ASUE has 276 part-time Bachelor`s.  

According to the executive secretary the admission was held by following specialties: Finance, Customs, Banking, Management, Economics and business management, Accounting and audit, Business management, Marketing, International economic relations, Land and Property Relations, Economic theory.

Note that the classes of first year part-time bachelor students will start on November 30. The first half of the tuition fee must be paid before December 30.

In addition, 247 Master`s students were enrolled. The classes of first year part-time Master's students will start on November 2. Learn more about part-time organizational and educational process by visiting the following link,

We congratulate our freshmen.

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division.