Scientific and Educational Outcomes at ASUE Rectorate Board’s Session

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Today’s Rectorate Board’s session  started Gagik Vardanyan, Vice Rector  of Science  and International Relations, reporting on the  outcomes of ASUE 27th conference “Development of Economy and Society: 21st Century Challenges and Opportunities”. The  Vice Rector  expressed  his  satisfaction on holding the annual conference, stating that it’s  was  rather representative, the format was non-traditional with a content and qualitative level, as valuable and remarkable reports and presentations were submitted both during the plenary sessions, departments and roundtable discussions.

Gagik Vardanyan  expressed  gratitude to the  organizers of the conference, the program committee, the Media and Public Relations Division for the comprehensive and operative coverage of the process and underlined the importance of students’ participation.

The  Vice Rector  expressed  hope  that the qualitative change in the scientific activity at the University would lead the University to come up with more practical developments, presenting them to the RA Government.

Deans reported  on the  outcomes  of the retaken exams  of the  students  having 12 academic credits debts during the first half of the 2017-2018 academic year.

Among the  current issues reference was made to the students' applications, absence, process of paying tuition fees.


ASUE Media and Public Relations Division 

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