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Honorable colleagues,  dear  students,

Another calendar year  comes  to an end. Another year, we have  worked together and in love.

On this  boundary of the year’s end and  beginning everybody  analyzes  the events of 2014,  our  working  and  personal success,  remembersdeeds and failures, experience  of  the last  year  and  buildsplans for the coming year.

New  Year  is a family holiday,  and  the  tradition of   special  preparation and  surprises   to  celebrate it  with  native  and beloved people  under  family  roof  makes  this  holiday expected and symbolic.  We  do  our  best  to make  the good  beginning as  a continuation of a successful process.

Our  University  has  become  our  second  family, second  home.  As  in each  harmonic  family,  here also,  the  everyday  problems, common goals  and  dreams bring  us  together.

Everybody  wants  to  see  our  University to  succeed  in academic  process,  in  which  the lecturer  seeks  to  be  the  best one, the student  to  study  as  much  as  possible, and  to  prepare  good  specialists who  keep  high  the  University  honor,  to  create improved environment, where the  study  and  the  job   will  be  a  pleasure.  This  is  our  mission  and our  everyday activities  are  focused  on it.

Dear colleagues,

as the  Head of  the  University I  would  like  to assure  You  that we  have  really  adopt  a  way  of  achievements,which are visible and tangible in this one-year period.But  we should not be satisfied with  the  achieved  ones,  we  need to move forward with new ideas and initiatives,to pass  this way through hard work, dedication.  Therefore, I  would  like  to  see everybody  healthy, blithe and full of boundless energy.  Let everybody’s life be filled with love and prosperity.

I wish You all the best.

Happy New Year.


ASUE  Rector, Professor

Koryun Atoyan