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On December 16, 2014, Regional Center  of  Vayots  Dzor  of  Youth  Foundation of  Armenia  conducted “Student Festival-2014”  project,  which  was  also  attended  by ASUE  Yeghegnadzor  Branch.

The  information  is  submitted by  Student  Council of  the  Branch.

The  young people competed in volleyball, chess  and  ping-pong  sports. The second  part of  the  festival was  passed  among  the  girl  participants.

Song, dance, poetry  and  photographing contests were  held  at  night,  after  the  end of  which the awards  and  closing ceremony  of the  festival was  held.

ASUE  Yeghegnadzor  Branch  informs  that they  won in ping-pong, poetry and  photographing contests,  won the  second place in volleyball,  song, ping-pong contests,  and  was  the  third in  dance contest.

In  the  result  of  teams  ASUE  Yeghednadzor  Branch  was  the  second  one.

The  winners  were  awarded cup,  presents  and  certificates.

Congratulations to all  students.

P.S. Photos  are  submitted  by  Student Council  of the  Branch.

ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations Division 

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