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Today,   a  conference  on “Republic  of  Armenia  Country  Strategy  and  Action Plan for Enhancing Corporate Financial Reporting”  was  held,  which  was  also  attended  by  Dean of  the  Department of  Accounting  and  Auditing  Ashot Matevosyan  and Head of the  Chair  of Managerial Accounting and Auditing Liana Grigoryan. The  conference  was  initiated   by  Ministry of Finance  in the  RA.

In the interview   with ASUE  Media  and Public Relations  Division Ashot  Matevosyan mentioned that interesting  reports  were presented,  including the one authored  by  Head of  Centre for Financial Reporting Reform in Vienna, representative of  the  World  Bank Henry Fort /“The  main  suggestions and the  World main developments  regarding corporate financial   reporting in Armenia”/.

“Issues  towards  improving  professional education  of  accounting  and  auditing were  discussed  during the  conference.   The   experience of  foreign  countries were  presented.  Open  discussion was  held  after  the  speeches,  during  which  we  presented  our  observations.

Our  participation in the  conference was  important  because I, Liana  Grigoryan  and  Head of Chair of  Financial Accounting  Alvard  Sargsyan   are among the  founders  of  Armenian  offices  conducting reforms  in auditing field”; mentioned  Ashot  Matevosyan.

Liana  Grigoryan highlighted the role  of such  conferences  and  mentioned  that they promote the study  and implementation of the best experience.

The   participants  mentioned    that ASUE  and  YSU  participated  in  the  conference.

ASUE  Media  and  Public  Relations  Division 

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