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Today, MA  students    conducted  a  presentation  of  “Marketing research  of  food commodity markets” program in “AMBERD”  Research Center.

Research group  facilitator  is the Director  of  “National Competitiveness and Internationalization of Research” Program  of “AMBERD”, Candidate  in Economics, Associate  Professor  Armen Grigoryan.

Members of  research group  are MA  students of “Marketing Researches”  and  “Marketing Communications” specialties Varduhi Hartenyan, Tamara Harutyunyan, Hakob Baghdasaryan, Armine Temuryan, Yelena Davtyan, Inessa Voskanyan.

The presentation was attended  by Director of  “AMBERD” Research Center  Samvel Avetisyan,  collaborators  of  the  Center, Vice Dean of  Department  of  Marketing  and  Business  Management  Vadim Grigoryan, students.

Armen Grigoryan made an opening  remark  and presented a summary of the work done by MA  students,  highlighting that the group had also created a statistical database, which is  available in ASUE  official  website /

Subsections: customs statistics,  markets statistics, prices and rates, are  presented  underStatistical Database”  section  of  the  website..

MA  student  Inessa Voskanyan  presented the  key  results  of  analysis of food commodity  and  essential non-food  commodity markets. Reference was made to the violations by employers,  which  had been discovered  during the  research.

Samvel Avetisyan raised topic-related questions  and  made interesting analyzes.

The  Director  of the  Center  mentioned that quite interesting  and important research  had been  conducted,  and  suggested  the  research  group  facilitator  to  distinguish  more valuable analyzes and  to present  them to appropriate structures.

MA  students  were  awarded  certificates  for  the  conducted  research.



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