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Today,  Vice-rector  on Methodological  Matters, Paruir Kalantaryan,  presented  the  results  of  admission  process  of  the  2014-2015 academic  year  during  ASUE  Scientific  Board’s session.  Here  are  the  results:

Full-time BA  program-994 applicants,

Full-time  MA  program-582 applicants,

Part-time BA program-354 applicants,

Part-time MA Program-431 applicants.

The  Vice-rector  mentioned  that  ASUE  Admission  Committee  had  worked from May 5  to November 1, 2014  and  acted  according  to established  procedure of  the  RA  Ministry  of Education and  Science. Scientific   Board evaluated  ASUE  Admission Committee’s work.

Paruir Kalantaryan  presented the  issue  on “Discussing  and approving the  guide of developing academic  programs”  and  mentioned  that  it’s  a new  format, it has been   developed according to European educational standards. The Vice-rector presented  the  axis of  developing  academic  programs  according  to  the  presented  format, that’s to compliance the  final  results  of  the  academic  programs  with  the  demands  of  labor  market.  

On the 2nd  half  of  December  consultations on the  issue  with  the  Heads  of  the  Chairs   will  begin.  Scientific Board voted to approve the issue.

Chairman  of  Competition Committee, Suren Gevorgyan,  presented  the  issue  on applying  to Higher Attestation Commission  for  permission to  appoint Nelli  Shahnazaryan, Head of  the  Chair  of  Tourism and Crisis Management, Candidate  in  Economics, Associate  Professor,  and  Ishkhan Tigranyan, Head of  the  Chair  of  Macroeconomics,  Candidate  in Economics, Professor,   as  scientific  directors.

The issue  on  applying to Higher Attestation Commission  for  awarding  scientific  title  of  Associate  Professor  to Tadeos Avetisyan, Mushegh Hovhannisyan, Lilit  Kolyan, Levon Sahakyan  and Hakob Kyokchyan,  was  put  to a secret ballot.

President  of  Scientific Board, Rector, Professor, Koryun Atoyan,  presented the issue  on  making  changes in the  staff  of  the  University Competition Committee,  which  was  approved by a ballot.

The  Vice-rector  Paruir  Kalantaryan presented  the issue on “Establishing improvement plan of  ASUE activity  and schedule  of  improving the  activity”,  mentioning that the  University  is  involved  in   accreditation process  and  has presented  analysis  of  ASUE institutional  capacity  to “National  Center  for  Professional Education Quality Assurance”  Foundation, after  which experts  visited  ASUE, made a  conclusion on basis  of  which the improvement plan of  the  University  activity  was formed.  The  Vice-rector  mentioned  that the University  should  pass  accreditation process  based  on the presented  document,  and  the  implementation of  the  process  is  an extensive work, 35 most important  goals  are  outlined,  more  than 100 actions  are planned, a  dozen of  procedures  and  documents are  being developed.

Paruyr Kalantaryan   said  that the issues  on developing the  University strategic plan, academic  program, as well as involving external financial sources  in  research  activities, are  important in  planning  the  activities.  The  presented  issue  was  approved.

Scientific Board  discussed  and  approved  the issue  on establishing  thesis topics  and  scientific  directors.

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