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Today, a solemn  ceremony  of  signing a  memorandum of  cooperation  between ASUE  and  the insurance company “INGO ARMENIA”  was  held  at  Armenian State  University  of  Economics.  

The  memorandum of  cooperation  was  signed by  ASUE  Rector, Doctor, Professor, Koryun Atoyan,  and Executive Director of “INGO ARMENIA”, Levon Altunyan.  The ceremony  was  attended  by the  Vice-rectors of  the  University,  Deans, Heads  of  Chairs, representatives  of  Faculty,  collaborators,  final  year  students  of  insurance specialty.

The  Rector  of  Armenian State  University  of  Economics, Koryun Atoyan, mentions  that  today  is a  remarkable  day  and  adds  that the role  of  the  labor  market  is extremely important in ensuring quality education,  and  the Universities can’t provide  a  quality  education without  knowing the requirements of the labor market.

The  Rector  mentioned  that it’s  already a few  years  that the  University  has  carried  out  MA  programs  with major  employers  of  the labor  market:  both in public and private sectors.

Koryun Atoyan  highlighted  that the interaction  with  the  employers is  conditioned  with not  only  the  final  result, that’s the alumni  will  be  provided  with  job,  but  also entire educational process will be organized together with the employers: drawing up curricula, selecting the topics of dissertations, organizing internship.  The Rector  mentioned  that  we  would  have qualified specialists.

“Thank you, Mr. Altunyan, for the cooperation. I hope that it will give a good result and our best graduates will be employed in your company.  I have always said that our best students will not remain without a job, and it is a reality”; mentioned the  Head of  the University.

Executive Director of “INGO ARMENIA”, Levon Altunyan,  quoted  the  RA  President’s  statement  during  the Ceremony of the 2014 RA President’s Global IT (GIT) Award and  continued; “ Formation of “INGO ARMENIA” tomorrow’s team begins here in ASUE. We are ready to deepen our cooperation and assure that the best students will find themselves in our company”.

Then,  students of  insurance  specialty  expressed their  gratitude  to  the University  Administration and  “INGO ARMENIA”  company  and asked  questions.

The  4th  year  student, Anahit  Avetisyan,  mentioned  that  she  had  selected  insurance  specialty,  because  it  is a developing  one,  and  through  the  internship  she   would  like  to  understand whether her gained knowledge meets the employer’s requirements.

The  acting Head of  the  Chair  of  Banking  and  Insurance, Doctor  in Economics, Professor, Anna  Aslanyan, expressed  hope  that the  all  points mentioned  in the  memorandum would  be carried  out.

Before  the  signing  ceremony ASUE  Rector  and Head of “INGO ARMENIA”  company    discussed issues  of mutual  interests  within the  framework of  cooperation.




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