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Today,  representatives  of National Erasmus+ Office  in Armenia   were  hosted  at  Armenian State  University of  Economics,  they  met ASUE  students  and  lecturers.

The  meeting  was  divided  into  2  parts: first  they  met  ASUE  students  at  ASUE  Conference Hall  and  presented participation opportunities  and  perspectives of exchange  programmes.   In particular, they talked about MA program. A  representative  of Erasmus+, Ani Tovmasyan,  spoke about the  procedure of  applying for  MA  program.

She  said  that the  students  can  fill in the  online application paper  and attach necessary documents  in  website.

“95 per cent of  academic  programs  are  in English, hence, when  applying  you  should attach the document  certifying  English language proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS)”; mentioned the  speaker.  The latter  also  assured  that  the motivation  letter  is  also  very  important: it  should characterize the  student as  better  as  possible, the  reason for applying to the programme.

The scholarship  programmes  were  also  presented in details:  by  the  way  it  covers  student’s all  costs (accommodation, etc).

The  second  part of  the  meeting  was  held with the representatives of  the University  Faculty, collaborators  in ASUE Center  for  International Programmes. Coordinator  of  the  National Erasmus+ Office, Lana Karlova, presented the  goals,  problems  of  the programme, 7 programmes  of  Tempus  carried   out in ASUE, and  mentioned  that ASUE  is  the  coordinator  of one  of  those  programmes -“Ararat”.  The  speaker  referred  to capacity building program, then partner  countries  of  Erasmus+,  in particular, Armenia,   advantages  of  interuniversity partnership.

A  number of  cooperation  issues  were  discussed.


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