Koryun Atoyan’s Congratulatory Message on Youth and Students’ International Days

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Dear ASUE  students, young  people,

We  present Koryun Atoyan’s congratulatory message on Youth and  Students’ International Days.

Dear students,

I congratulate you on the two holidays – Youth International Day and the one of  Students' celebrated on  November 17th. In the words of congratulations and good wishes addressed to you, I always emphasize the admiration and pride of which I have towards the seeking and searching, overcoming and developing, revolutionary and fighting kind of students.

You are our future, our belief  and expectation are addressed to you,  our cherished desires, and the endless actions are inherited you.

Your aspiration and constructiveness should have solid grounds, that you should be anchored to high quality education and high human qualities; you must be truly patriotic, kind and humane. Your parents devotedly give you education so that you build not only your safe and happy life, but also the prosperous future of our country.

I am sure that you will justify all hopes and deserve your parents, the University that provides you education, your country.

Be healthy, happy and optimistic.

Best regards

Koryun ATOYAN, ASUE Rector

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