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On November  8,  2014, the  final  of  futsal  tournament   within the  framework  of  Armenian Student Sport 15th  Games  was  held  in the  gym of Armenian-Russian (Slavonic)  University. 

The  teams  of  Armenian State  University  of  Economics  and  Armenian-Russian (Slavonic)  University  competed, in the  result of  which ASUE  team  won  with 5:2  account  and  became  the  champion of  the  tournament.

The  3rd team of  the  tournament  was  the  tone  of  Armenian  State  Engineering   University.  Note  that  this  tournament  has  started  on November 3, 2014.

The  Vice-rector  on Students  and  Alumni  Affairs, Sevak Khachatryan, informed that the  participation of  Armenian  State  University  of  Economics  in Armenian  Students  Sport  15th  Games was  over by this tournament  and  highly  evaluated  our  team’s  participation. “Generally, ASUE  has  high-level participation in this  year’s  sport  games,  in the  result we  have  winners  of  the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places  in different  competitions. The  recorded results  are also witnesses  of the professionalism of our boys.  Of course, there  are  sports on  which  the  Chair  of Physical Training, First Aid and Civil Defense should  concentrate  more  attention  to  strengthen it,  but  we  should  mention that  we  record  such  sport  success  over the  teams of professional  Universities which are also  included  in the  competitions. I  would  like  to mention that  our  team of  futsal is  on  high level   and, in the  result, our  team  will  participate  in the Futsal Premier League  of  the  RA,  launched  on November 22, 2014.  I  congratulate everybody  and wish  new  achievements. I  am sure  that this  is  the  beginning of  new  victories”; he mentioned.

P.S. The  RA Ministry  of  Education and  Science, Student Sport Federation  of Armenia  and  Youth  Foundation of  Armenia  are  the organizers of Armenian students sport  games. 11 sports  are  included  in students  sport  games, 3000  students  of 20  universities  participate in them.  The  winners will  spend  a  three-day-rest  in Tsakhkadzor,  where  the  awarding  ceremony of  the  best student athletes  will be  held.

We  congratulate  ASUE  team,  coaches,  wish  them  new  sport  achievements.

ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division 

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